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Welcome to the Altered Life!

An E-course by Wendy Brightbill

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Altered Life eCourse

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this is a six week intensive class packed full of techniques, prompts and direction to help you along your path toward healing. art journaling has been a huge therapy in my life and i share with you how art has helped me down this long process of healing. i provide a scaffolding for you to begin your own journey of healing. but like everything in life, you get what you put into it. there will be a lot of exercises to help you down this path, as well as prompts to get you really journaling.

you will also be getting tons of art journaling techniques, how to put them together and my thought processes behind pages. with hours of video, i spell out my favorite techniques to you. along the way, you will hear some of my internal dialogue of what i am feeling during my journal process.

note: this class is for making altered books, but all of the techniques can be used in any art journals.

for those of you who want an outline of the techniques you will learn in this class:
  • finding the right book
  • preparing your book
  • the color wheel
  • collage
  • washes
  • texture in gesso
  • adding texture with the brayer and credit card
  • painted designs
  • your cover
  • stamping
  • stencils
  • masking
  • paint dripping and blowing
  • alcohol dripping
  • wet on wet
  • composition tips
  • basics of drawing including lines, value and color
  • journaling
  • handwriting
  • stamps and stencils (for adding text)
  • torn text
  • text as background
  • putting it all together
  • science behind layers (how not to make a big brown mess)
  • distressing papers
  • distressing magazine pictures
  • distressing photographs
  • altering pictures
  • resists
  • doodles and watercolors
  • adding tags and embellishments
  • cut outs and flaps
  • stitching (one of my favorites)
  • cardboard journal
note: i believe that art journaling does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. a lot of my techniques can be done by simply looking for things around your house. i don't believe in purchasing a ton of pre-made stamps, stencils and other tools for making journal pages. instead i teach you how to make your own with items you have lying around your house. i also believe in painting your own papers. i will show you how to achieve the same "look" with many different products. because of this, i think that you can keep your materials cost to a minimum. hey i am a thrifty girl at heart, what can i say?

in addition to all of these techniques you will get:
  • tons of journaling exercises to get you thinking outside the box
  • 30 days of soul searching prompts
  • inspirational posts and videos from my experience
  • a forum for you to interact and support each other
  • my support and encouragement along the way
so i will be opening the class to the public on thursday, october 27. it will not be a traditional e-course with a start and end date. once you purchase the class, you will not be kicked out.

i hope you will join me on this amazing journey!




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